Frequently asked questions about the workshop and payment methods

1.Is it a Live Workshop?

No.Its prerecorded and shot in a teaching method mode.

2.How long can I have the access?

You can watch the workshop videos and learn for 3 days after your purchase.

3.Who should participate ?

Anyone who wants to learn or just watch and experience the art form. 

4.Is there an expiry date to the workshop?

No.Once uploaded,Workshop series will stay on this websitefor minimum of three months.You can rent again and watch whenever you like to.

5.How can we assess? 

We will open a public forum here, where your doubts will be answered by the resource persons involved in the workshop.

6.Will the music be given?

Yes.You may download Chapter 4 (Pradarshana) which contains studio recorded music. 

7. What is the fees for the workshops?

Fees for workshops will vary each month.
This month (March) workshop will  be available for 45$ or 3500INR. 

Payment Queries:
* Indian users can pay through Google Pay to access the workshop. Pay 3500INR by scanning the QR code below and WhatsApp the screenshot to +917019599972.*
Users from rest of the world can access by paying through Vimeo by clicking 'Rent Now' button above. Payment can be done through credit card/PayPal.

  • How do I watch after 3 days?
    • Once you rent, it is valid for 3 days. After that if you need to watch again, just follow the same steps you followed the previous time and rent the video.
  • Can I rent the video for more than 3 days?
    • Unfortunately you cannot. 
  • Can you explain me in detail how to pay?
    • Yes! Click on the rent button.
    • If you have a credit card, enter credit card details and proceed to payment. If you have a debit card, choose to pay with PayPal option.
    • Login to your PayPal account or create an account. Then add your debit/credit card details and proceed to pay. Once your payment is confirmed, you will be redirected and you can start watching.
  • I still cannot get through the payment to watch the video!!!
    • You can text or WhatsApp us on +917019599972 or +919916764311.


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