Gayana Section

Learning the musicality of the Nrityabandha 

Shri Rohit Bhat Uppoor 

Musicologist | Educator | Vocalist

Rohith Bhat Uppoor, A karnatic classical singer who is under the tutelage  of Sangeetha Kalarathna S Shankar is an acclaimed artist, who has been performing across India and abroad.  Apart from being an extremely gifted and talented vocalist, Rohith has the ability to enhance dance performances through his highly creative and unique compositions blending different genre of music, rendered in melodious yet powerful voice. He has composed many musical-dance ballets giving  a wide scope for dancers to explore. He is a complete artist whose work is appreciated both in the Indian Karnatic music and the Indian dance fraternity. Also a play back singer who has sung for few movies and tele serials. He currently trains students through SaPa, also a teacher trainer in SaPa in school.


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