Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get access to the Shambho content?
    • Click on the button above to access the Vimeo page for Shambho. Then click on buy now button. As soon as you finish the payment, you will be able to watch and download all the videos of Shambho series.
  • How can I use this content?
    • Shambho is a humble offering to the art world allowing the rasikas & dancers to utilise the music & choreography for practice as well as performance. 
    • Which means, once you buy the Shambho series, you are free to use the music from the series for you own performance and you can even use the choreography.
  • How do I get music?
    • Once you buy the series, you will be able to download all the videos included. Once you download the videos, if needed you can convert them into video files. If not, you can use video itself. It has high quality, studio recorded music.
  • After purchasing, how long can I access Shambho from Vimeo?
    • Once you purchase, Shambho will be available to watch on Vimeo from you login id anytime you need.
  • I have different question/doubts 
    • Message or WhatsApp Shri Avaneesh on +91 7019599972.
* If you like to pay through Google Pay or other similar UPI provider, please scan the QR code below. Amount will be Indian rupees equivalent of 45US$. Once paid, please WhatsApp the screenshot to +917019599972 for access*

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