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Antar Shaala is an unique format of learning Bharathanatyam, lead by a team of 5 artists and scholars which has proved to be an effective method over three years. This is a regular dance school based on traditional teaching methods and not a certification based course. Hence it doesn't have a fixed time frame. 

New batches will begin in August 2024.


The Format

* Swadhyaya - Pre recorded videos of dance classes/music lessons/dance theory lessons  will be received by the students every week. They can attend these e-Learning sessions anytime they wish to, preferably before their Live class.

* Antar Taragati - Live sessions every week with dance teachers/scholars/musicians at a fixed batch time.

* Samakshama- Offline classes at Punyah Studios in Bangalore once in a week, once the students complete 6 months of training through online sessions. Suitable for the students residing in Bangalore.


Admission Fees : None

School charges a fee of 2000 INR / per month / student / batch.
(Or equal amount of the the currencies of the participating student's country. )

Fee for the entire term (three months : 6000/- INR ) should be paid on announced date. 

Conditions :
a. The right to select the students rests with Upadhye School of Dance.

b. The right to decide/change your batch rests with Upadhye School of Dance.

c. It is mandatory to inform your present guru about your interest in joining our school. You may continue to learn under your present Guru while you are part of Antar Shaala.

d. The right to terminate your admission rests with Upadhye School of Dance.

e. The right to modify the format of the classes rests with Upadhye School of Dance.



Q :How can I choose my level?

A: There are three levels.  

Sthira  If you are 10 years and above/ a beginner / have training for 4 years In Bharathanatyam.

Madhyama 5+ years of training in Bharatanatyam with strong Nrutta and Abhinaya.

Q: I am already under a Guru / dance school. Can I still join?

A. Yes.Permission from your present Guru is mandatory.You can continue learning under your present Guru as well , only if your present Guru approves.

Q: How do I know if I am selected ?

A. Every applicant will be added in a WhatsApp group based on your selection of the level and Antar shaala's decision. 


Q : Will I be able to attend dance exams?

A : Yes. Swadhyaya syllabus will includes theory,music and dance which are set keeping Karnataka Secondary education board and Gandharva Mahavidhyala Exams in mind.Once you apply for the exams we shall have extra classes for the participants.


Q: Will I be able to perform ? Do my Arangatrum? 

A : Yes. Though the format and mode of teaching is different ,this is still a regular dance school. We encourage the students to get shows on their own. And once you are ready for your Rangapravesham , we shall surely encourage you to do so. Although it is not mandatory. 

Q: When shall I attend Physical classes at Upadhye school of Dance studio !?

A: You may attend the classes physically only after 6 months of online Antar Shaala classes and one month of Workshop period. 8th month after you join Antar Shaala you are allowed to come for physical classes with prior notice only. 


Q : Will I get music for practice/ performance?


1.Studio recorded music will be available at the end of every term at the nominal fee. 

2.Music of the previous term will be available only for the students who continue to next term. 

3.You may use the music for performances online/offline, competitions or even just for practices. 

4.Music/songs are copyrighted by the school. Sharing /selling is prohibited.


Q. I am unable to join due to financial issues. What can I do?

A : Please write to us in detail at


Q: I have a different question 

A : Please contact +91 7019351761 

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