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Core Team

Adithya PV 
Artistic Director,  Upadhye School of Dance

Adithya PV is a dynamic young dancer, initially trained under the guidance of Guru Smt Latha Edavalath before continuing on with internationally acclaimed dance duos The kirans, Adithya is currently under the guidance of veteran dancer Dr Sudharani Raghupathy. He heads Upadhye School of Dance.Adithya has been praised for his strong hold in Talam, subtle abhinaya and his technical excellence. He holds a diploma in Bharathanatyam from IKSV, Chattisgarh.A graded artiste of the Dooradarshan, Adithya has also travelled across the globe performing in various festivals with his solo repertoire as well as collaborating along side several leading dancers of india and abroad.

Parshwanath Upadhye 
Artistic Director,  Upadhye School of Dance

A versatile Indian classical dancer, 'Natya Mayura' awardee, Parshwanath has carved out a niche for himself today as one of the most sought-after male dancers in India. Trained under Guru Ravindra Sharma in tradition Mysore style of Bharathanatyam, he has further learnt under The Kirans Bangalore and currently is under the guidance of Padmashree Prof.SudhaRani Raghupati. Winner of several  national awards,including Sangeet Natak Academy’s Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar 2017 Adithya Vikram Birla Kala Kiran Puraskar  2018 , Ram Gopal Best male dancer award and best dancer at Music Academy Chennai 2018,an empanelled artist of the ICCR (Indian Council for Cultural Relations) and  Top graded artist of the Bangalore Doordarshan Kendra,Parshwanath's prowess in the field of dance is manifold and extensive. Currently  Parshwanath choreographs, directs, produces and presents his work at national and international venues under Punyah dance company Bangalore. He also conducts dance workshops and regular as well as advanced training classes in  Bharatnatyam under the banner of his dance school Upadhye School of Dance,Bangalore.  Along with Shruti Gopal and Adithya PV he is working on building a Gurukulam a residential dance school At a village Chikale , near his home town Belgaum, India. Punyah Abhyasa Shaala is one of its kind rehearsals space which is hoping to create awareness about the art form based education around Northern part of Karnataka, SW Maharashtra and Goa. 

Smt. Shruti Gopal 
Artistic Director,  Upadhye School of Dance

Shruti is the disciple of Natyarani Shantala awardee Smt. Padmini Ramachandran and presently trains under Shri Mavin Khoo.She heads Upadhye school of dance. She is a graded artist of Doordarshan and has performed in various prestigious festivals with her guru’s performing team ‘Natyapriya’. She was part of an Indian Delegation to China under the Cultural Exchange Programme of Ministry of Human Resources, Govt. of India in 2011.She was conferred with the title “Aarsha Kala Choodamani” by Swami Dayananda Saraswati at New Jersey, USA in 2012. Apart from being an integral part of Punyah Dance company’s productions Shruti has also worked with various companies like Shri Vaibhav Arekar's Sankhya Dance Company for the production "and she spoke".

Resource Personnel

Shri Arjun Bharadwaj
Scholar of Arts and Aesthetics

Arjun Bharadwaj is a poet, translator, engineer, and musician. He holds a master’s degree in Engineering as well as in Sanskrit. He is a polyglot, well-versed in Sanskrit, Kannada, English, Greek, and German. Arjun is currently studying comparative aesthetics of classical Greek and Sanskrit art and literature. He has translated the works of Dr. SL Bhyrappa, Shatavadhani Dr. R Ganesh, DV Gundappa, Prof. A.R Krishna Shastry and Dr. S.R. Ramaswamy. He currently works as an Assistant Professor for India Studies at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Bangalore and is also a Contributing Editor of the Prekshaa - Online Journal

Shri Rohit Bhat Uppoor
Musicologist | Educator | Vocalist

Rohith Bhat Uppoor, A karnatic classical singer who is under the tutelage  of Sangeetha Kalarathna S Shankar is an acclaimed artist, who has been performing across India and abroad.  Apart from being an extremely gifted and talented vocalist, Rohith has the ability to enhance dance performances through his highly creative and unique compositions blending different genre of music, rendered in melodious yet powerful voice. He has composed many musical-dance ballets giving  a wide scope for dancers to explore. He is a complete artist whose work is appreciated both in the Indian Karnatic music and the Indian dance fraternity. Also a play back singer who has sung for few movies and tele serials. He currently trains students through SaPa, also a teacher trainer in SaPa in school.

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